Oswego Brewing Company

So I got up this morning and Dad mentioned that there was a new brewery opening today in Oswego. I told him I already knew about it and asked him if he’d want to go. Dad said sure. Now, if you know Dad, he isn’t the beer connoisseur I am so I wondered what piqued his interest. So, the brewery opened at noon today. I said why don’t I vacuum my car and get it ready to go and then we could go this afternoon. He said sounds good. So while he fixed his grill’s starter I got the car cleaned…and away we went.

I took dad through the country and we had the windows open – what a beautiful day. I turned onto Main street in Oswego and Dad goes – do you know where it is…I said there abouts. It is in an old fire station…and if you know downtown Oswego you know it isn’t more than a few blocks. So I turned down main and saw the businesses that I knew it shared a building with. I was a bit disappointed that there was no signage on Main Street – which is what their address is. Makes it a bit hard to find if you are searching by address….they are in the back of the building facing the railroad tracks and ultimately the river.

The entire parking lot was fenced in and tents were up…they clearly were prepared for a crowd…but none yet. A band an food truck will greet people after hours…so Dad and I picked a good time to come (around an hour after they opened). The tap room (which seats 60 with room for an additional 20 in the back) was pretty full, but not packed. They had a ticketing system to expedite the lines. And they had six beer on tap. I bought 2 beers for me and two beers for my Pops. You could redeem the beers in half glass increments. I figured Dad would go for two full ones…I wanted to try the beers.

The beers were very good..I was impressed. I liked the cream ale and NEIPA the best…though their saison was good. I wasn’t overly impressed with the American IPA. I thought it lacked some body and didn’t have the depth of hops I was expecting…but that could be just a rushed batch. That being said, it was definitely at the level of some of the other brewers best beers. Minor problems! The brewery has some potential. A few finishing touches (like better signage) and it’ll be more than successful. Their bar has a handcrafted herringbone pattern and the seating floats from it. I’ll definitely be back and I wish them great success…