Wolff’s Biergarten and Wurst Haus

I had to be in Troy for a wake of a friend’s father. Since I usually am not in the Albany area on a weeknight I decided to mosey on over to a place I wanted to try for a while. I had originally found Wolff’s when I was here on my training/house hunting journeys…but being a cash only place I didn’t end up staying…


10007415_678012072259153_716396980_nWolff’s is a German beer hall built in an old fire station. And you probably wonder if I was in Troy why didn’t I stop at the one in Troy? Well, 29597706_10155765874807415_3695169717772512902_nAlbany is the original location and I was told it is the better location for visiting. Plus this location had Köstritzer Pale Ale which I have wanted to try for many, many years. It was a great experience especially since I got an upgrade (or discount) for happy hour. They are a cash only business, so no credit cards – which is refreshing to not have to have a “tap” open.


Köstritzer has been one of my favorite beers since I tried it in Leipzig for the first time.  And I’m glad I went…





An Unexpected Trip

Well, it was a beautiful day so I decided that I’d head on out to Springfield.  There was slow moving traffic so I didn’t stop in Lee as intended and, well, before I realized it, I was in Springfield.  No, I didn’t see Homer, Marge, Bart, or Maggie (it was Massachusetts they were determined to be in, right?)

Springfield is interesting.  I was going to stop at the Basketball Hall of Fame, but it was a bit late in the day and, well, I’m not a Basketball afficionado.  But it is a cool, cool building (built like – you guessed it – a basketball).

I went to a few different restaurants before stumbling across a place called The Brickhouse, in Indian Orchard.  After going to three restaurants that, well, looked a bit sketchy, I looked for the highest rated restaurant and drove over there…

What I liked about it –


* From Brickhouse Tavern’s Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/Brickhouse-Tavern-322148867921770/

  • A local sports bar
  • Friendly staff
  • The Chef and Bartender knew all of their regulars but especially made an effort to come out and welcome me.
  • Food was great
  • Beer was great.

What I didn’t like about it –

  • It’s too far away
  • I am not a regular.

But that’s ok.  I’m going back.  Plus, I found a new beer I liked that’s brewed out in Ludlow…if I only knew where that was, but it is supposedly near Springfield.

Thanksgiving Dinner

If you don’t know me, you don’t know that I’m not around family during the holidays.  So, for Thanksgiving this year I went to Druthers (ok, I went on Black Friday) in Albany.  I first went to Druthers when I was looking to move out here and found their patio based restaurant in Saratoga Springs.  I, ironically, have never been back to that location since I just love the Warehouse District of Albany.

Druthers is famous for their Mac and Cheese and, well, it is definitely a meal with three meal leftovers.  But I ate it ALL at once.  Oops!

Druthers is just south of I-90 on Broadway and just north of the Nipper building.  You can easily get to them of the Menands exit of I-787.